I give support to sustainable projects in presentation and organization.

I stand up for sustainable projects in their public appearance and their organization. Therefor I use my expertise in software development, software design and web design.


As a former professional in software development and system design I built application systems for a big company. F.i. a partner and customer management software, an account settlement system or an input management system.

In my work I expecially focused on the useability of software, s.th. that unfortunately often lost attention nowadays. In my works you will find a clear and logical prompting but no disturbing bells and whistles. You will not be irritated by banner advertisement or intruding pop ups. Sustainable and user-friendly - thats how it should be.

As a freelancer and retiree I aim to work for sustainable and non-profit projects.


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sustainable hardware

Der nächste Rechner sollte nachhaltig sein. Ich freue mich, dass mein neuer Mini-PC nicht nur leistungsstark, sondern auch völlig geräuschlos ist und dabei einen Bruchteil der Energie des "Alten" verbraucht.